Sharad Agarwal

Computer Science Researcher, Engineer & Angel Investor

@ Microsoft,

@ Grubstakes,

@ Seattle, WA

I enjoy innovating in cloud services, from distributed systems layers down through to the networking stack, and have created new cloud services as well as scaled & improved the performance of existing ones. My background is that of a computer science researcher and engineer with 16 years at Microsoft Research.

I have advanced the state-of-the-art in several technical areas, including scalable cloud services, latency in multiplayer games, and geo-distributed online services. I have co-authored 40 academic publications with over 7,000 citations, and co-invented 83 issued patents. I have served on over 60 committees for international conferences, workshops, journals and the NSF.

I have worked closely with Microsoft business groups in my research and have impacted products, including Azure, Windows 10, and Windows Phone 8. Together with a small team of researchers and engineers, I have designed, implemented and stood up a scalable cloud service on Azure that has served over 21 million users. I recently became an ACM Distinguished Engineer for outstanding engineering contributions to computing.

I am an active angel investor in the Pacific Northwest. I have 22 startups in my portfolio, including YCombinator graduates and companies that have gone on to raise from successful VC firms. I mentor startup founders through Grubstakes, Venture Out, and other groups in Seattle. You can find out more about me and contact me via my LinkedIn profile.